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Diesel West Mechanical Services specialises in diesel truck and machinery fleet maintenance, keeping your diesel engines in a healthy and smooth operating condition. No matter if you need full mechanical servicing, engine repairs, or a new engine rebuild, Diesel West can help to ensure your fleet receives the professional services that you require.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Keeping your diesel vehicles or machinery in a healthy working condition can help ensure that they are more safe and reliable for your employees to operate. This means that you’ll be on the roads for longer, and not having to be constantly worrying about engine problems within your fleet. Building a preventative maintenance system schedule for your fleet will help to reduce business operating costs, and ultimately improve upon the inspection and diagnosis of your vehicles.

Without a professional and reliable fleet maintenance management service, you could be compromising the health and productivity of your employees. The overall health of your vehicles can be maintained at a consistent level with the appropriate fleet maintenance from the dedicated team of technicians at Diesel West Mechanical Services.

Improving the longevity of your fleet

Maintaining a strict and consistent fleet maintenance program can help you to get the most out of your vehicles, ultimately improving the longevity of your fleet. Preventive maintenance means that you are not simply waiting until your vehicles encounter an issue, which could result in you wasting valuable time and money in the process. Keeping on top of the exact needs of your fleet, depending on the type of work that you conduct, will help them to stay in a healthy working condition for longer periods of time, avoiding those larger and more expensive problems that come from neglect.

Reducing overall repair costs for your fleet

A preventative maintenance program helps you to identify any issues with your vehicles before they potentially turn into much larger and more expensive repair jobs. This is one of the largest misconceptions about fleet maintenance, as many businesses believe that by undertaking regular maintenance they’ll be losing money. However, in the long run, you could be saving your business a significant amount of money. For example, little repairs or oil changes will cost you substantially less than having to replace the whole engine in one of your vehicles. If one of your vehicles does experience a major technical problem and needs to be taken off the road for a while in order to be repaired, you’ll not only have to pay for the full repairs, but you’ll also be losing money from the downtime in your business. Regular fleet maintenance is the smart and cost effective way to keep your fleet up and running all year round.

Reducing operating costs

Your regular fleet maintenance routine can also help improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicles. If your vehicles aren’t properly maintained you could be consuming up to 50% more fuel than if you are staying up to date with your maintenance. An up to date maintenance schedule, containing oil sample analysis with clear reporting data can also help your business to sell your vehicles, as buyers want to understand the history and health of your vehicle.

We can help to plan and schedule in your regular fleet maintenance for your business. If you’d like to discuss the fleet maintenance options in depth, please get in touch with the technicians at Diesel West Mechanical Services in Perth today on 0427 501 378.

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