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Diesel Particulate Filters 

Diesel particulate filters, or DPF for short, are devices designed for the purpose of removing diesel particulate matter, or soot, from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. These filters help to reduce the amount of emissions that a diesel vehicle can create. As part of government legislation, these are legally required to be in your diesel engine at all times, and cannot be altered.

Unfortunately, these parts do tend to be prime culprits for issues in your engine. As ash is formed from normal engine operation, it can begin to build up in the DPF. This causes an increase in the pressure before the filter, affecting the overall performance of your engine.

Regular DPF cleaning services can help you to avoid the more costly and time consuming process of replacing the whole component. If you do think there is an issue with your DPF, or believe it may be blocked, you should always consult with a diesel technician at Diesel West Mechanical Services.

How do I know if my diesel particulate filter is blocked?

Usually, warning signals are provided to the driver before the filter restriction causes any major issue with driveability or damage to the engine. In most vehicles this is often seen as an orange icon popping up on your dashboard. 

Some of the main symptoms of a blocked DPF include: 

  • Consuming more fuel than usual 
  • Your engine becoming more difficult to start 
  • Engine producing a strange smell 
  • Your car doesn’t feel as powerful as it usually does

If you start to experience one, or a combination of these symptoms, it is always best to enlist the help of the technicians at Diesel West to ensure you have an expert diesel particulate filter cleaner attending to your engine.

Best Way To Clean a Diesel Particulate Filter

The best way to clean a diesel particulate filter is to have a professional technician analyse the issue, clean and flush the filter, followed by a manual regeneration process. All three of these steps are essential to ensure your DPF is back in the correct functioning condition. 

  1. Diesel West can help to run special diagnostic tests to assess the condition of all parts related to the DPF in your diesel engine. These tests will help to ensure that by cleaning your DPF, you’ll be resolving the issue at hand. Sometimes, a much larger issue may be present, requiring larger repairs, or a replacement of a part. 
  1. After the analysis of the issue, our technicians will then add a special fuel treatment to your tank, helping with cleaning and lowering the necessary regeneration temperature. By injecting a cleaning agent directly into your DPF, we can then leave it to soak in the cleaning process. As we then start to run the engine, the cleaner is worked through the filter, helping to clear the blockage in the way. After this cleaning process, we add an injection of a flush into your DPF, whilst running your engine at high idle. 
  1. Lastly, we carry out a manual regeneration process whereby the correct function of the DPF can be identified and monitored. The collected data can then be compared to the original data recorded before the cleaning process began, to show whether or not the clean and flush was successful. 

Diesel West Mechanical Services can help to clean your diesel particulate filter in a professional and affordable 3 step process, helping to get your diesel engine back to its optimum form. If you require DPF cleaning in your car, please contact the specialists at Diesel West today on 0427 501 378.

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