​When investing in large, expensive equipment such as diesel trucks or earthmoving machinery, it is important to ensure you are taking the right measures to guarantee the equipment is fully functional and meets all of the safety requirements.

Pre-purchase inspections are an essential part to purchasing all forms of machinery, from commercial to industrial use. These inspections are useful to ensure that all equipment meets working and safety standards.

To protect yourself and your company, request a booking for DieselWest’s mobile pre-purchase inspections before investing in any large machinery.

​​What do pre-purchase inspections involve?

​A licensed and reliable mechanic is needed when performing any pre-purchase inspections. Be sure to get in contact with your trusted technician, to ensure that the inspection is done correctly.

When performing inspections, the mechanic will look for any existing faults and test the vehicles safety features. Smaller checks are also done on functions including the engine, wheels, electrical system, brakes, leaks, steering and more.

Honest assessments are crucial, that is why it is so important to visit a trusted diesel mechanic. Depending on the status of the vehicle intended for purchase, given by the mechanic, you will be given the freedom to decide whether or not this investment is right for you and whether the vehicle will survive in the long run based off of the pre-purchase inspection and report.

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