As with any engine, small problems with your diesel engine can lead to much bigger and more expensive issues if you leave it too long to visit your diesel mechanic. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know when they should bring their diesel vehicle or machinery in for a service which can cause serious damage.

Today, we’ll be looking at how you can spot the signs that it’s time for your diesel engine to be serviced before it’s too late, saving you time, money and anguish.

When’s the right time to call the mechanic

  • When you use the wrong fuel – No one ever thinks it’ll happen to them but using the wrong fuel in a diesel engine is more common that you might think. If it happens, don’t drive your vehicle or stop driving as soon as you realise and then call your diesel mechanic right away.
  • When you’re going on a long trips – If you usually use your diesel vehicle for short drives but have decided it’s time to head out onto the open road for a longer trip, it’s always a good idea to get it looked at first. A service before a long trip means that any maintenance issues will be picked up beforehand rather than you having to deal with a problem in the middle of nowhere.
  • When there is a niggling problem – You know your diesel vehicle better than anyone and will probably be able to tell if something’s wrong. If there’s a niggling issue that you’ve spotted, such as strange sounds or lagging, don’t ignore it. It’s best to get any small issues you’ve noticed looked at sooner rather than later so it can be dealt with.
  • When regular maintenance is due – Even if your diesel engine doesn’t have any issues, to prolong the life of the engine and ensure any issues are spotted early then you need to have the engine serviced every 5,000kms or six monthly. Of course, this will depend on the type of engine and your diesel mechanic will be able to be more specific with a servicing schedule.

Getting the right service for your diesel engine

When the time comes for your diesel engine to be serviced, make sure you use a qualified diesel mechanic. They’ll be able to use their expertise to diagnose and repair any issues as well as ensure your engine is running as efficiently as possible.

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