For Australians, four-wheel drive vehicles are popular and this is for good reason. A 4x4 vehicle means that the power from the engine can be distributed to all four wheels at the same time which makes it easier to handle difficult terrain which is great for off-roading. Today, we’ll be taking a look at what you need to know about driving a 4x4 diesel vehicle.

Choosing a diesel 4x4

A lot of 4x4 vehicles these days come with diesel engines, although you can still get some petrol options. One of the main benefits of a diesel 4x4 is that, provided water doesn’t get into the air intake or fuel tank, it can handle water crossings where a petrol engine can’t. Diesel fuel also offers greater fuel economy which is ideal if you’re taking your 4x4 out on a long run. The lower exhaust temperature on diesel engines also means that there is a reduced risk of the exhaust causing fires on off-road trips.

Tips for taking out your diesel 4x4

  • Take care at water crossings – Check the depth of the water and the strength of the current before crossing. Enter the water slowly at no more than 10hm/h and maintain a steady pace as you cross. Try not to stop once you enter the water.
  • Watch out for sand – Unless you’re driving on wet sand, lower the pressure in your tyres as this disperses the weight of the vehicle and avoids the car sinking. If you get bogged, try lowering the tyre pressure further to get traction but reinflate once you’re unstuck
  • Check your hand placement – When you’re off-road, the steering column can be wrenched away at a moment’s notice and you can have serious hand injuries if you’re holding the wheel too tightly. Hold your fingers outside the wheel in a loose grip.
  • How to handle dunes – If you’re tackling a sand dune, make sure you have enough momentum to get you up but always stop at the top so you can see how steep the drop off is. Only tackle dunes straight up or straight down unless you want to risk your vehicle rolling.

​Professional servicing for your 4x4

To make sure your 4x4 diesel vehicle is running at its best, make sure you get regular servicing through a qualified diesel mechanic. A good diesel mechanic will pick up any issues that may cause further damage down the track and will make sure your 4x4 is ready for whatever you to throw at it.

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