People often have strong opinions when it comes to diesel engines and there are pros and cons to this type of engine. We’re not taking sides here, so here’s a look at both sides of the debate so you can make your own mind up.

Pros of a diesel engine

  • Great mileage – One of the biggest benefits of a diesel engine is that you get superior mileage with them typically delivering 25 to 30 percent better fuel economy than petrol engines. Even when compared to hybrid engines, diesel engines often end up performing better when it comes to economy.
  • Better torque – Due to its design, a diesel engine provides more torque and has faster acceleration from standing still. They’re also more powerful which means better towing capacity than petrol engines.
  • Very dependable – Diesel engines are designed to withstand higher compression and as a result, they tend to be dependable and long lasting. They usually go longer without needing repairs compared to petrol engines, and are more durable.
  • No ignition tune ups – Diesel cars tend to require less maintenance because they don’t have spark plugs or distributers. This means no ignition tune ups like petrol engines need.
A beautiful diesel engine

The negative aspects of having a diesel engine

  • Can be costly to repair – If you don’t keep on top of your diesel engine maintenance and something more serious goes wrong, such as the fuel injection system breaking down, it can be costly to fix. This is because diesel engines have more advanced technology which means they’re more difficult to repair.
  • Fuel not as cheap as it used to be – There was a time when diesel fuel was cheaper than petrol. However, with demand for diesel increasing, it now tends to cost more than petrol. Although you still get great fuel economy, diesel certainly isn’t as cheap as it used to be.
  • Less speedy – Because diesel fuel burns differently to petrol, there is less horsepower and decreased speed. This is fine if you’re looking for a strong, steady engine but you won’t be able to zip around like you can with a petrol engine.
  • Not as quiet – Although the days of loud, clunky diesel engines are behind us, you still won’t get as quiet a ride with a diesel engine and it won’t run as smoothly.

Servicing and repairs for your diesel equipment

However, if you work with heavy machinery or trucks, it’s likely they use diesel engines and it’s important you get these serviced regularly. For diesel repairs and maintenance, you need a diesel mechanic you can trust.

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