Hydraulic systems can be basic or very complex depending on system design & function.

But they all have the same basic preventative maintenance principles:

  • Keep the oil clean: Clean hydraulic oil is a must as the oil is a lubricant as well as having a cooling effect on hot components. Water contamination can be very harmful and can cause rusting, corrosion and cavitation.
  • Keep the oil cool: If the oil gets too hot it starts to breakdown and components such as pumps, cylinder’s, valves etc. can get very hot causing hydraulic oil leaks from seals and o-rings.
  • Use the correct oil type: Ensuring you use the correct oil will extend your hydraulic systems service life.

Lack of servicing can cause the system to not function as intended, hydraulic pumps to fail and oil leaks to develop.

Carrying out regular preventative maintenance on your hydraulic system such as hydraulic filter changes, oil changes, fixing hydraulic oil leaks can ensure your hydraulic system on your truck, wheel loader, skid steer or excavator will work hard for you & your business day in day out.

If you have hydraulic faults or need some servicing and repairs on your earth-moving equipment or other machinery get in touch with Diesel West.