Preventative Action Against Costly Breakdowns

Breakdowns can cost you time and money, and that is why it is important to take preventative care of your diesel vehicle to avoid costly repair. This is especially important for truck drivers.

Truck drivers can take on major delivery routes - the route from Perth to Brisbane is a staggering 4044KM, or 47.6 hours of driving time. If your truck breaks down on this route, you could be hours away from the nearest town, waiting for an on-call mechanic to venture to you and assist.

When an event like this happens, it is expensive and time-consuming. Not only do you pay for the on-call mechanic, but also the hours lost due to the breakdown. Whether you have a breakdown on a long-haul route or a truck breakdown in Perth, it is an inconvenience that can easily be avoided.

To prevent this from happening, you need to take care of your truck with regular maintenance. Prevention is the best cure, as through preventative maintenance potential problems are addressed before they grow into larger issues.

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How To Prevent Truck Breakdowns

Check Fluid Levels

You should always check your fluid levels before setting off. Both radiator fluid and engine oil are crucial for the working of your engine. As such, they must be kept at optimal levels to prevent unexpected breakdowns. That is why at Diesel West, as part of the diesel service we will inspect your coolant system for leaks and coolant condition, and if required, flush the radiator and have it refilled with high quality engine coolant.

In addition to monitoring your fluid levels, it is also important to have your radiator system examined. It is natural for scale and rust to build-up in the system over time, but this will affect the radiator’s ability to remove heat from the coolant. By flushing the system, you will effectively remove any debris which may have been affecting its performance. Our expert team can take care of this for you, as well as checking your diesel vehicles fan and thermostat.

Of course, also regularly check your fuel levels, as you could be hours away from a fuel station.

Engine Oil

We know that engine oil has to be at the optimum level, but it also needs to be clean and high quality. Engine oil has the primary responsibility of lubrication, but it also plays a part in removing heat from the engine (similar to the water flowing through your radiator).

Heat is generated by the combustion of the diesel, and the friction caused by the moving parts (such as pistons and valve springs). When you reduce the amount of friction between these moving parts, you manage the amount of heat produced in the engine. Quality oil and quality filters keep the engine parts moving smoothly, reducing friction, and reducing heat.

The engine oil also transfers heat away from the lubricated engine components. As the oil travels around the motor, it absorbs the increasing amounts of heat, and then transfers this to the coolant through the engine oil cooler. It then takes this to the engine sump, to be cooled by the external air. Once it has been cooled, it is then recirculated through the system.

All of these functions of engine oil prove why it is so important to use engine oil which is clean and high quality. You can prevent overheating your engine by simply having your oil and filters regularly changed.

Inspect your brakes

Due to the sheer size and heavy duty nature of trucks, the brakes on a truck have a huge amount of friction, pressure, and high heat. So, truck brakes can be vulnerable to severe damage when they are not regularly maintained. As a result, faulty brakes are one of the main reasons for truck breakdowns.

Two warning signs of brake problems if they are squeaking and vibrating. When either of these things are happening, then your brakes definitely need repairing or replacing. However, do you not want to risk waiting for your brakes to need replacing before having them inspected. Preventative maintenance is far more effective than reactive solutions, as you can identify small faults before they become larger breakdowns.

Check your tyres

Another major cause of truck breakdowns is the tyres. A lot of breakdowns on highways are caused by faulty tyre pressure, tyre blowouts, and steering problems caused by overinflated tyres or uneven wear on tyres. The tyres also affect the fuel economy of your truck, so that is something to keep in mind.
Always check your tyres for wear, keep your tyre pressure at the optimal level, and check this at regular intervals (check your owners manual for your correct tyre pressure).

Electrical Systems

Trucks use a large amount of power, from their batteries and alternator. If the electrical system is working insufficiently, then the performance of your truck will become slowed down, and eventually, breakdown.

You should ensure that your battery is fully charged and has your manufacturer's recommended capacity. Any defects can lead to an engine shutdown. Also keep your cables and wires clean, intact, and free of corrosion, to avoid short circuits, faulty lights, and other major system failures.

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Truck Repairs Perth from Diesel West

The Preventative Truck Maintenance and Truck Servicing Expert

Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of time and money.

We offer our customers the convenience of workshop truck servicing and repairs while still offering a mobile field service. This allows us to fix your truck & trailer where it is convenient to you. Being a mobile diesel mechanic in Perth, we can get to your truck or onsite for breakdowns or scheduled servicing.

Diesel West can carry out a whole range of truck repairs and vehicle servicing in Perth. We undertake your truck diesel engine diagnostics, oil leaks, air brake system faults, clutch & gearbox repairs, truck & trailer brake repairs, fuel pump & injector repairs, hydraulic power pack repairs & servicing, truck servicing & truck driveline repairs. We also offer truck air conditioning repairs, truck DPF repairs, and a truck auto electrician service.

To avoid a minor issue with your diesel vehicle or equipment turning into a major problem, make sure you organise regular servicing to maintain the life and performance of the engine. Truck breakdowns can easily be avoided with regular truck maintenance. Contact us today here to have your truck looked at by our expert team.