A lot of warranties will still cover your truck vehicle or machine providing the same quality or higher parts and oils are used and being done by qualified mechanics and a registered motor repairers license.

With each service interval each manufacturer has different tasks that need to be done. From oil & filter changes to oil level checks and engine oil sampling.

It's important to find a qualified mechanic who knows the trucks or machinery and understands the need to fulfill the warranty requirements usually at a fraction of the cost than the dealership.

Need servicing on new earthmoving equipment or an excavator that won’t void the manufacturer’s warranty including oil sampling?

Wanting an alternative to having to go back to the dealership?

Need a diesel mechanic to service, repair and provide breakdown support for your business?

Got a truck broken down or earthmoving equipment in need of repairs?

DieselWest can provide a wide range of service and repair options to suit your business, to all makes and models.

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