Diesel engines can experience a wide range of problems that come from the gradual wear and tear of the engine over time. One of the most common issues that diesel mechanics in Perth often have to deal with is related to diesel engine oil leaks. Oil is a necessary component for any vehicle, keeping the engine nicely lubricated so there’s no friction between the separate parts. Unfortunately, without enough of the oil for appropriate lubrication, the friction caused can result in the parts wearing down quite quickly, leading to the engine oil being able to leak out. 

This article from the diesel experts at Diesel West Mechanical Services is your guide on the main causes of diesel engine oil leaks, helping you to avoid them in the future. 

Common symptoms of a diesel engine oil leak

  • Experiencing oil stain, drips or puddles underneath your vehicle when it’s parked. 
  • Seeing the oil levels in your dipstick gradually dropping over time. 
  • Seeing blue smoke coming from your diesel engine whilst driving. 
  • Smelling burning oil coming from your vehicle. 
  • Having your low oil level symbol on the dash of your car light up. 

If you’re experiencing one or a combination of any of these symptoms it’s best to enlist the help of a diesel mechanic in Perth. Diesel West is experienced with providing assistance to those dealing with diesel engine oil leaks. We can help to pinpoint the cause of the problem and ensure your engine is repaired and receiving the correct amount of oil.

Let’s now turn our attention to the causes of a diesel engine oil leak. 

Causes of diesel engine oil leaks

The majority of diesel engine oil leaks occur as a result of the degradation of a part of your engine. The most common of these to exhibit a problem is the oil gasket. If the oil gasket in your diesel engine gets damaged or starts to degrade over time, it is likely to be a result of oil creating sludge in the engine. If this sludge causes the oil gasket to break down, then the oil has a route to start seeping out. 

Another common part that can get damaged and cause an oil leak is the oil pan. This part sits on the underside of the vehicle, exposing it to the potentially harmful debris of the road that may be thrown up against it whilst you’re driving. Typically, your oil pan can get hit with rocks, branches and other common bits of road debris, which can all leave small dents in the part. These dents can then create little holes where the engine oil can leak from. In these circumstances, you’ll be able to tell if you have an oil leak by seeing if your car leaves an oil stain on the ground when it’s been parked for a while. 

Fixing diesel engine leak - Diesel mechanic Perth

The oil filler cap can cause the oil to leak out if it is missing or not secured properly. If this happens, it can cause the other parts of your engine to become covered in oil, resulting in the oil drip continuing even after you have parked your car. The oil filter is another common culprit for oil drips, as the filter can wear out, become misaligned or come loose. It is a good idea to have these oil filters replaced at the necessary intervals, along with your engine oil. This way you can make sure the filter is secured properly each time you have it replaced. 

Fixing your diesel engine oil leak 

If you are experiencing a diesel engine oil leak, you shouldn’t delay getting it fixed any longer. The best thing you can do is call Diesel West Mechanical Services. We are dedicated diesel mechanics in Perth, and have extensive experience in helping people with diesel engine oil leaks. It is wise to consult with a professional on these matters before the issue becomes worse or potentially dangerous. We can help to diagnose exactly where the oil leak is coming from and devise an affordable and effective solution to have your diesel engine in smooth operating condition once more. 

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