How to tell if your fuel has gone bad

There are four main signs that can signal that your fuel could be causing problems with your injectors including low RPM, dark smoke, bad smells from the engine and cloudy fuel.

Reduced power and low RPM in your engine could be a sign poor fuel is affecting from clogs or blockages affecting the amount of fuel able to be injected.

Smoke coming from the engine is always a red flag but if it is very dark it could be a sign your injectors have been clogged by the fuel and you need to get your engine cleaned right away.

If you’re getting an off or bad smell coming from your engines while driving, its could be poor quality fuel causing a leak from the nozzles or your engine is having to work too hard.

​It’s a good idea to always check your fuel before putting it in if its been stored as cloudy fuel could be a sign of loss of quality. If the clarity of the fuel has been impaired it might be a sign there is debris that could line the engine and cause blockages.

Like many things in life, fuel also has a limited shelf life

How your fuel can go bad

This doesn’t mean buying the highest priced at the pump often times the quality of fuel is affected while it is stored. Here are a few ways your fuel can decline and how you can avoid it.

One aspect that may be present in lower grade fuels is debris, which can sometimes end up clogging your system. This isn’t as common these days with most major gas stations selling fuel of relatively high quality but even if some gets past the fuel filter you may need to clean your engine to prevent wear on the injectors and fittings.

Another issue affecting your fuel could be rust, either from the fuel production system or your storage containers. Using plastic containers negates this issue but if still using metal fuel containers give them a quick check if you’ve had them for a while.

The most common major factor affecting fuel is temperature, as any fuel should always be stored in cool and dry environments. Diesel fuel can have its life span cut by as much as 6 to 12 months if the storage areas reach more than 30 degrees Celsius.

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