Diesel tuning and ECU remapping is used to give your truck or 4wd that extra torque, increasing its performance, by safely altering your fuel injection rate to optimise and make improvements to your diesel truck’s performance by up to 20%.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you will see differing results. But if it’s more power you're after, here’s how the team at Diesel West can help you achieve it.

Performance-enhancing diesel

Tuning your diesel vehicle will increase your power output, torque curve and speed, which will essentially enhance your diesel performance. Generally, more modern or turbocharged vehicles will benefit from a diesel tune. It is also quite a lot easier to tune newer vehicles as they have more points of adjustment, reducing the time it takes to remap ECU’s.

Expect these notable benefits when tuning your vehicle to improve performance. More mid-range torque and power, economic fuel gains from remapping, longer intervals between each service, a more reliable engine and a better fuel economy compared to petrol cars.

Improvements to fuel efficiency and consumption

An added benefit to tuning your vehicle for greater power is improved fuel efficiency and consumption. This happens as your fuel injection rate & timing is fine-tuned which entices more fuel to enter the cylinder, getting a more efficient fuel burn or “bang” as it creates more power.

Fuel can also be saved if tuning affects your fuel pressure. This will cause the diesel to mix with the air in the engine more efficiently. This extra fuel efficiency comes in handy when you are cruising in a higher gear, as the engine will be programmed to rev less, causing less fuel to be injected as you sit in that higher gear.

Trucks best suited to these solutions

As we mentioned, newer and turbo-powered models will reap the most benefits from a diesel tune. With that being said, if you don’t require the extra power or don’t regularly use your vehicle, even with a newer model, you may also need to rethink whether this is right for you.

Some examples of Isuzu diesel vehicles that meet the criteria and are best suited to these solutions are as follows;

The Isuzu D-Max 4JJ1 turbo diesel motor already holds the legendary status of reliability but its factory ECU is tunable and with a few modifications the factory set up has the power to increase from 130hp to 180hp with a safe remap. In some cases, this model has been seen to reach 500hp depending on your motor, which is an incredible, powerful result.

Trucks are also suitable for fine-tuning, specifically the Isuzu 4HK1 and 6HK1. With a chip revamp, the 4HK1 model has seen improvements by up to 15% in both torque and fuel economy. Specifically gaining a power increase with an additional 100Nm in torque, as well as 2L per 100km/hr savings in fuel consumption.

Require further performance enhancement?

Still not enough power? Consider carbon or DPF/ EGR cleaning. This will improve your engine, cleaning any harsh materials caused by carbon deposits.

For more information or if you require any extra performance-enhancing or reprogramming particularly for off road situations, please contact Diesel West directly.

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