If you have heard of diesel engines clogging up their intake systems and costing a lot of money on repairs, then you’ve probably heard of fitting a catch can.

​Modern diesel engines are designed to burn as much of its own fuel burn by-products as possible to help with emissions control.

During the combustion process, not all the pressure created by the burning fuel is sealed in the combustion chamber, the small amount that escapes becomes what is called “blow-by”, which then goes out through the crankcase ventilation. This blow-by contains an “oil mist” which then sucked into your engine intake system. Over time, the oil accumulates to leave an oily residue from the point of entry to the intake system all the way into the engine.

There is also Exhaust-gas-re-circulation or “EGR” systems fitted to all modern diesel engines. Similar to the “oil-mist” is re-ingested into the engine via the intake system usually into your engine intake manifold. This exhaust gas contains a lot of exhaust contaminants & carbon.

How does exhaust gas recirculation become a problem?

When the exhaust gas enters the intake it sticks to the fine oil residue on the inside of your intake manifold. Over time, this can build up and even block up your intake ports to the engine, as well as covering engine management sensors.

This is where you come into problems with the diesel engine starting, running smoothly or using more fuel.

One of the ways you can help limit this is by getting a diesel engine catch can fitted to your vehicle.

The catch can will help filter out the oil mist from the air intake which will then drastically lower the amount of carbon build up in your engines intake manifold. It will also reduce the oil build-up that can accumulate in intake pipes, hoses, intercooler & can coat airflow sensors or other sensors on your intake system.

When it gets to the stage that the engine no longer runs smoothly or the cause has been determined to be the intake system build-up, there’s only one option….to pull it apart, get it clean, then put it back together.

If you’re looking at installing a catch can on your vehicle, Diesel West can help.