Diesel engines have a well-deserved reputation as being fuel-efficient and long-lasting, along with having great fuel economy. These benefits are why diesel engines are used extensively for trucks and heavy equipment, as well as becoming more popular in commercial vehicles.

However, this doesn’t mean that diesel engines are immune to issues, and today we’ll be looking at common things that can go wrong with your diesel engine.

What can go wrong with your diesel engine?

Although diesel engines do tend to be more reliable that their petrol counterparts, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with their fair share of issues. When you bring your car in for servicing or repairs, there are a number of issues that your diesel mechanic will look for. Below are some of the more common problems with diesel
engines and some possible causes for these issues.

Issues with low power – Issues with low power in a diesel engine can be due a number of issues including loose throttle linkage or dirty fuel filters, or excessive lubrication oil use caused by leaking gaskets or connections.

Injector failure – There are a number of things that can cause issues with diesel injectors. They can simply become weak and tired over time or there may be other issues such as a cracked body. Some signs of injector failure can include difficulty starting the engine, idling problems, a failed emissions test, generally poor performance and an inability to reach high revolutions per minute

Faulty glow plugs – Glow plugs provide heat to help with the combustion cycle. The glow plugs are particularly essential in cold weather. If you have issue with the glow plugs, you may have issues starting the engine and you’ll notice uneven running.

Internal engine faults – Problems with the internal engine are usually due to mechanical faults such as issues with with bearings, pistons, oil pressure, overheating and valves. With internal engine faults, you may have a number of signs that there are problems including generally poor performance or strange sounds.

Smoking exhaust – Although a little bit of smoke is normal, a lot can be a sign of bigger problems. In diesel engines, you could see black, white or even blue smoke. Excessive smoke could be caused by issues like burning oil, ignition timing, faulty injector or injector pump or clogs in the engine or filter.


Professional diesel engine servicing and repairs

To avoid a minor issue with your diesel vehicle or equipment turning into a major problem, make sure you organise regular servicing to maintain the life and performance of the engine. Your mechanic will be able to do the appropriate repairs and replacements to keep your trucks and equipment running smoothly.

At Perth based Diesel West Mechanical Services, we provide high quality mobile servicing and repairs throughout the metro area. We can also service some regional areas as required. Our qualified diesel mechanics are experts at fault diagnosis and repair and have extensive experienced working with hydraulics and fluid power.

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