Diesel engines might provide you with a better fuel economy than petrol engines, but it doesn’t mean they’re immune to a myriad of different engine problems throughout their life. Although regular wear and tear are a normal part of the lifecycle of an engine, there are a few common diesel engine problems that they might encounter. If not regularly maintained many of these small issues that could’ve been easily fixed may turn into larger and more expensive problems in the future. Here is a list of some common diesel engine problems to be aware of so you can call your local mobile truck mechanic in Perth to help service your engine before things out of hand. 

Black Exhaust 

This is something that you might see on a daily basis when driving behind a car or truck with a diesel engine. The presence of black exhaust fumes is usually caused by an imbalance in the air to fuel ratio in the engine. With too much fuel and not enough air this can create the black and foul-smelling exhaust that truck mechanics in Perth tend to have to deal with. 

This disruption in the air to fuel ration may be as a result of a faulty air filter, a problem with an EGR valve, or an injector pump. It can’t simply be pinpointed without taking a more in-depth look at the engine. This is why it’s always best to consult an experienced diesel mechanic if you start to see black exhaust coming from your vehicle or machinery. 

Fuel Contamination 

Diesel is much more viscous than regular gasoline, and as a result, it has a greater potential to being contaminated. There are a number of dangerous diesel contaminants which can lead to a significant diesel engine problem for your vehicle. Soot, water, dilution and glycol are all common culprits behind this issue and have the potential to cause complete engine failure or premature oil degradation. These sorts of contaminants can make their way into your diesel fuel through damaged gaskets, caps or seals. 

Engine Lacking Power 

This is another common diesel engine problem that many clients of ours face. When dealing with a lack of power in your engine, often the problem becomes apparently obvious when you’re accelerating in your vehicle, or notice a little trouble when starting the engine. These sorts of problems can arise from fuel injector issues, dirty fuel filters, or too much lubrication in the engine. 

Engine Overheating

Although this is a common diesel engine that anyone in the world may face, thanks to our warmer climate here in Perth, this sort of issue can become more apparent on those scorching hot summer days. When you push an engine to its limit, it can lead to it overheating and cause damage to your cylinder heads, bearings and crankshaft. You may also experience an issue with your pistons as they expand and can begin to scrape against the cylinder walls. It’s essential that you find the root cause of this overheating problem, which is why you should be having an experienced diesel mechanic take a proper look at it.  

Diesel West Mechanical Services - Mobile Truck Mechanic Perth 

Diesel engine problems can quickly become substantial and expensive issues to deal with, so you should always call up Diesel West at the first sign of trouble. Some of the diesel engine problems referenced in this blog can happen to any sort of vehicle or machinery, so it’s best to have your engine seen to by our mobile truck mechanic in Perth on a regular basis. 

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