Western Australia has set off to a scorching summer, with the mercury already rising above 40 degrees as early as November in Perth. 

The sweltering heat is problematic for those working out in the conditions, and the same goes for your diesel truck and a variety of machinery such as earthmoving equipment and forklifts. 

With the heat directly impacting your truck’s performance, it is more important than ever to ensure your diesel cooling system is in optimum condition to maintain efficiency and reliability. 

Engine cooling checks summer

How does heat affect performance?

High temperatures put extra stress on your diesel engine cooling system because it has to work overtime to keep temperatures down. The engine is kept cool with help from a water pump, which pushes water and coolant through galleries in and around the engine block. As it passes through, the mixture draws out the heat caused by combustion and the friction of the moving components. The water carries the transferred heat back to the radiator, where it is cooled by the fan and outside air (keeping in mind this is much hotter in summer) before returning to the motor. This circuit repeats continuously during use to keep the engine within ideal working temperatures. This is why any disruption to this system can lead to extensive leaks and damage and will require a visit from our mobile diesel mechanic in Perth.

Prevention is key, so have a chat with the Diesel West team to organise a Perth truck service to ensure your diesel cooling system is in optimal condition and avoid disruptive breakdowns and downtime. 

Flush the system 

As part of the service, your Diesel West mechanic will inspect your coolant system for leaks and coolant condition, and if required, flush the radiator and have it refilled with high quality engine coolant.

It is natural for scale and rust to build-up in the system over time, but this will affect the radiator’s ability to remove heat from the coolant. By flushing the system, you will effectively remove any debris which may have been affecting its performance. 

Our expert team will also examine the condition of all your belts and hoses, as well as check your diesel vehicles fan and thermostat.

A simple step you can complete is to keep the outside of your radiator free from bugs, dirt and debris. These can inhibit airflow through the radiator and decrease cooling efficiency.


Engine oil has the primary responsibility of lubrication, but also plays a part in removing heat from the engine, like the water flowing through your radiator.

Heat is generated from the combustion of diesel and friction caused by the moving parts, such as the pistons and valve springs. 

By reducing the amount of friction between the parts, you can manage the heat produced in the engine. This is done using quality oil and quality filters which are regularly changed.

Among its many other roles, engine oil transfers heat away from the lubricated engine components during operation. 

As the oil travels around the motor, it absorbs increasing amounts of heat, before transferring to the coolant through the engine oil cooler & then to the engine sump to be cooled by the external air. 

Once it has been cooled, it is recirculated through the system. 

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