Diesel fuel is an efficient and cost-effective choice for many people and diesel engines are widely used for trucks and heavy equipment. Diesel engines offer great mileage as diesel fuel is more energy-dense than petrol and the engines can withstand high compression which means they can go longer without servicing.

​The diesel industry has made a lot of progress from the early days of diesel technology and continues to work towards a cleaner and more efficient engines.

Advancements in diesel technology

Diesel technology has come a long way since the early days. Diesel engines have been used since their development in the 1890s and this technology was initially used predominantly for military and industrial use. It wasn’t until the oil crisis of the 1970s that diesel engines were marketed commercially as an alternative to using petrol. In the early days, people were less than impressed with diesel engines as they were very loud and were responsible for black soot.

Diesel technology has improved significantly over the past 40 years from the days of loud, dirty engines. Issues with earlier technology such as high emissions, sluggish performance and difficulty starting in cold weather have been addressed over the years.

The new age of diesel technology

These days, regulations around emissions have been tightened and diesel vehicles have to meet the same regulations as petrol vehicles. This means that the problem with visible smoke present in older vehicles has been fixed and post-2007 diesel vehicles have no more emissions than their petrol counterparts. This new generation of clean engines means better news for the environment and the diesel industry continues to work towards cleaner engines.

New diesel engines have technology which makes starts in the cold weather very effective.  Improved mechanical technology, higher injection pressures and electronic control has also meant that the characteristic clatter of earlier vehicles has been significantly reduced and the engine is also more efficient.

Diesel technology has improved to the extent that diesel vehicles look set to take over electric and hybrid cars in popularity thanks to advanced engines which set a new standard for performance.

These advances in technology not only means that diesel engines are becoming more popular as they move away from their previous reputation but it also means improved efficiency for your vehicles and equipment.

Diesel Engine Repairs Perth
Working on diesel engines has come a long way

​Convenient mobile servicing and repairs

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