Diesel fuel injectors atomise the diesel fuel to create combustion. This is what makes the bang or explosion when turning over the engine. However, if your seeing smoke or the engine is running rough, it may indicate these potential problems with your fuel injectors.

Fuel leaks

If you’re finding it difficult to get your engine started or your general fuel economy is depleting, this may be the effects of leaky diesel fuel injectors. Fuel leaking internally from your fuel injectors through cracks and leaks will ultimately lead to your diesel injectors not working.

Lack of filtration

Your high pressure diesel injection system may not be filtering properly, which can cause contaminated fuel to flow into the injectors which can cause the flow of fuel to be restricted and internal injector component damage. To prevent this from happening be sure the diesel fuel filter is being changed regularly and properly. If you have any concerns please talk to an experienced  licensed professional.

Incorrect installation

Make sure that all elements of your diesel vehicle are correctly installed. Any problems with initial installations will cause greater problems later on or not fixing the initial fault. It should be an easy fix but just be sure it is done correctly to avoid any new problems or premature failure.

Wrong injector rate

Diesel engines have injector trim codes that need to be matched to the Engine Control Module (ECM). If the ECM is set at an incorrect injector rate, or injector trim codes have not been entered correctly, this will cause a range of problems to your diesel engine, ultimately causing your diesel injectors to stop working.

General wear and tear

Nothing is going to last forever, so overtime general damage from wear and tear will cause component failures in the high pressure diesel injection system. Modern injectors generally have a longer lifespan, but might be more of a problem if the fuel system is not kept clean and contaminant free.

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